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"Dr. Kacherian treated me extensively for about six months and no matter what was done, he did not allow me to get too nervous. He was excellent! He helped me rid my fear of a dentist. Julie was great! When I arrived I met Ilene and Nichole--triple the great. I am truly grateful."                                                                                     -- A. Acevedo

"Dr. Michael Kacherian, DDS and staff are true and dedicated professionals. They take the time and patience to explain everything from billling to treatment options. I had 2 root canals and a couple of crowns put in in 2011, and the experience could not have gone any better than it had. I had the best team working on me. My teeth have never felt better! I highly recommend Dr. Michael Kacherian and his staff for any type of Dental work. Way to go guys!                                                                                --Viktor C.

"Dr. Kacherian represents the very best in his profession. His continuous painless procedures, his precision artistry in creating comfortable dentures, his expedience in completing dental work and his selfless work ethic are all hallmarks of his practice. I thank him also for his genuine kindness in treating my difficult dental history. He and his staff inspire confidence at every level."       -- A Retired Teacher

"I feel blessed to be a patient of Dr. Kacherian. His sincere, caring, and efficient manner make him unique. His sense of humor is a gift and his positive outlook makes one feel uplifted, even as he drills!"                                                    --Diane Harkin

"For many years I have been a patient of Dr. Kacherian. Because of his competent care and excellent knowledge of his profession, I have always has a comfortable mouth. I would recommend him to anyone seeking dental care. I am confident they will be satisfied."                                            --Krikor Pidedjian

"Both my husband and I are quite happy and satisfied with Dr. Kacherian's prompt services. We are also thankful for his staff for reminding all patients about their appointments amd follow ups regarding cleanings. Dr. Kacherian does not force his patients to do dental work that is not necessary. He leaves it up to the patient's discretion. We are both long-time patients since 1999 and 2000. This shows he is an honorable dentist."                                                                                                           --Susan & Steven Lerner

 "Dr. Michael Kacherian DDS and his present staff have been taking excellent care of all my dental requirements both major and minor. I have known Dr. Kacherian for 15 years, and he has been a great person as well as a marvelous doctor. I am a retired senior citizen. I would recommend the doctor to everybody as the best I have ever known. Thank you Dr. Kacherian."                                                                                                                                                    --Miriam Kirshner 

 "I have been a patient of Dr. Kacherian for the past 10 years. Dr. K. is personable and professional. He is well trained, skilled and keeps current with dental knowledge. He is outstanding! His staff has always been very courteous and calming. I would not change Dr. Kacherian and his excellent staff."                                                                                                               --Terri Angelilli

 "Kudos to Dr. Kacherian and his entire staff! They work well together like a well-oiled machine. I never had to wait long. I always feel like I am visiting family when I have an appointment. Great job. Keep on drilling!"                              --Mary Jane Leho"

 "Dr. Kacherian is a top-notch dentist. I never have to worry about something going wrong. I have never left an appointment with any pain at all and always feel comfortable while I am there. I have never been to a better dentist with such a helpful and polite staff. I hope he never retires!"                 -- Paul A.

 "As a patient who is normally very anxious about any dental work, I have to say that Dr. Kacherian puts me at ease before starting his work. He is gentle, patient, and makes me feel comfortable. He also has a great sense of humor which makes the visit more enjoyable! The front office staff is very friendly, warm and welcoming. I am always able to make an appointment that is convenient for me and I never have a long wait in the office once I get there."                                                                        --Harriet

"I can truly say that I am so happy that I found such a wonderful dentist who is very gentle and sensitive to putting a patient's mind at ease. Dr. Kacherian restored my smile better than ever! I have been receiving so many complliments on my new fabulous smile. I hope to refer many new patients whenever anyone asks me if I know a great dentist. Kudos to Dr. Kacherian. In addition, the reception staff always makes you feel comfortable. He really has a wonderful, well-chosen office staff; they are always accomodating. It is always a positive experience to come here. It doesn't get any better than this!"                                                                                     - S.R. Cachoian

 "Just a note to say thank you for the remarkable work you have done with my teeth. My bite was so off and now I am not afraid to smile. You and your staff are number 1."                                                                                       --A longtime patient

 "Dr. Kacherian has been our family dentist for over 10 years. When people make a comparison of a painful event with a dentist visit as in "that's like going to the dentist," I reply: Oh no. I love going to the dentist. My dentist in awesome! And I mean it."      --P. Thombs

"I have been to many dentists and Dr. Kacherian is by far the best that I have been to. He is honest about what work needs to be done, his dental procedures have been relatively pain-free compared to other dentists, the dental work seems to fix my tooth pain, and his prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend choosing Dr. Kacherian as your dentist! -- Noah Elkrief